Simplicity is our goal.


 CONTACT - breakdancing.legend@gmail.com


  • I only trade in lossless audio(FLAC, APE, SHN, etc.) and DVD format for videos.
  • No lossy format please.
  • I prefer online trade, but if we're doing a huge trade or you have slow internet speeds, I may do a snail mail trade.
  • I prefer trade over BitTorrent, but I'm flexible. If you prefer a certain method, feel free to mention it.
  • I haven't made a "Bad Traders" section, and I hope I never have to! 
  • If you contact me, I may ask to see a sample of your video or audio, but as long as I can tell that you are credible, you shouldn't have to worry about that.
  • 1DVD X 1DVD
  • 1CD X 1CD
  • 2CD X 1DVD (Usually, I may make it 3 X 1 if the CD's are short)
Snail Mail Rules
  • Burn your discs at DAO (Disc at Once) mode. I don't want 2-second gaps generated between songs.
  • Use a good brand of media, preferably Sony, Verbatim, or TDK.
  • If you would like to burn multiple CD folders onto a single DVD, tell me first!
  • Please do not write on the discs. Instead, use sticky notes or write on the paper cases (without scratching the discs).
  • If there are any information files or cover artwork that I should receive, please send them as email attachments.
  • Don't burn any faster than 8x, and ALWAYS VERIFY YOUR DISCS.
  • If there are any disc errors, I will kindly ask for a replacement.
  • Please understand that a package could take up to 15 business days to arrive.
  • Please understand that traders lead normal lives that might prohibit us from mailing your shows out. I will always notify you of any delays or problems I may be having, so please be patient.
  • I will also be following these rules very carefully to ensure we have an easy trade.
 CONTACT - breakdancing.legend@gmail.com